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As the photographer and videographer of POSE BY LCG I have a love for all things beautiful: Whether it's the LOVE of a happy couple on their wedding day; the AWE of parents holding their newborn; the LAUGHTER of playing children; or an entrepreneur beaming from ear to ear because they are proud of their accomplishments: These moments have a strong influence and serve as inspiration in my love for photography and videography.

I also love color. In fact, color is what influenced my unexpected path into professional photography. It began prior to my own wedding day. As a guest at various wedding receptions, I was captivated by the gorgeous backdrops of colored lighting. I believed that every bride should be able to affordably "color" her special day with lighting, and therefore launched my first business: LCG Events, LLC, a special event lighting and decor company. I often photographed the lighting and decor services that I provided at my events, and later shared those photos with clients who loved not only the services, but also complimented my photography skills and requested photography services. It was client support, encouragement, and compliments that sparked POSE BY LCG Photography.

Videogrpahy is a passion that showed up as I photographed my beautiful clients, and after I had my beautiful daughter Lauren.  As a new mom, I photographed her daily.  However she was growing so fast in her first few months, and I couldn't stand to miss another moment that wasn't in real time.  So the cell phone recordings began, and then I began to play around with the video settings on the camera gear that I have.  I was hooked!  I studied the craft more, started making probono videos for friends and family, and once I became comfortable with the process (along with happy clients), I added this service to Pose by LCG.  

My mission is simple: To photograph you at your absolute best; and to document your story in a way that will bring you extreme pride while sharing who you are with the world.

With an eye for detail, a passion for life and love, and a love for color, POSE BY LCG will provide you with exceptional photography and videography services. It is important to me that clients feel good about themselves, their photos, and their documented stories. This is really what makes me enjoy my craft: The ability to make people feel great.

I hope that you enjoy this site, just as much as I will enjoy updating it. I also hope that you choose me as your photographer and/or videographer... ... ... not because my photos and videos are good, but because they show color, detail, and my passion for life, LOVE, and all things beautiful. So go ahead and contact me today - and get your POSE on!